About Flamingo City

Flamingo City

The world-famous ‘flamingo city’ is located in the mudflats of the Rann, at the distance of around 10 kIn from the Nir out-post on Kala Dungar. Hundreds of thousands of greater flamingoes breed here, normally during the year at the optimum level of inundation.

They construct their muddy nests, lay eggs, and rear young ones. The nesting was first reported in 1883 by the late Maharao Shri Khengarji of Kutch and recently by officials of the Border Security Force (BSF) and State Forest Department (Bhuj- Kutch) in 1998.

In 1945, Dr. Salim Ali visited Flamingo city and estimated a population of half a million birds in nesting city. Besides Greater Flamingo, Rosy Pelican, Lesser Flamingo, and Avocet are also recorded having bred here in the Great Rann in the past.