What to see and experience nearby for sightseeing?



  1. The highway that connects Khadir Bet(Dholavira) to the rest of the Kutch is 9 km long and you’ll see the best pristine white desert on both sides of the highway. On this highway, you can have early morning sunrise as well.
  2. The archaeological site, the metropolis remains of Harappan Civilization and Archaeological Museum
  3. Sunset at Dholavira Lake or Rann of Kutch Lake, 10 km ahead of Dholavira village. You’ll find the last BSF post at this place.
  4. Spot some migratory birds like Flamingoes at Dholavira Lake
  5. Fossil Park near Dholavira Lake
  6. Experience white desert during Full Moon
  7. Unique Kutchi Culture, handicraft and cuisine of Dholavira.
  8. Musicians of Dholavira are very famous and won the award at the national level. 

.. and more.