About Flamingo Resort

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Situated in close proximity to the Little White Rann of Kutch, Dholaveera & migratory FLAMINGOS Who Flock the area every Season, Flamingo resort is Quite and Simple Resort to unwind from daily Chaos and tensions of the City life.

Flamingo Resort Kutch
Flamingo Resort Kutch

Flamingo Resort is a “Resort with educational Cause” Just next door there is a Hostel with over 300 students learning lessons of life through education, meditation, exercises and another day to day activities which prepare them to face challenges that they will have to face as an Adult, The hostel is managed by a trust and the students are educated with a very nominal price. All the income generated by Flamingo Resort is directly used for the welfare of the Hostel and its Students.


Why stay at the Flamingo Resort?

  • Resort With Educational Cause.
  • Great Place to Unwind Yourself.
  • Knowledgeable Staff.
  • Wonderful Surroundings.
  • Close Proximity to Tourist Attraction.
  • Traditional Food


So do visit at least once and have a glance at a totally different world. We surely won’t disappoint you.